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Mon. - Shou
Tue. - Hiroto
We. - Tora
Thu. - Saga
Fri. - Nao

Remember guys I’m always open for suggestions and new ideas,if you have any don’t be shy :)

Im gonna work all weekend so that I can post at least once a day so wish me luck guys hehehe :)

Hello everyone my name is hotcakes123 and I will be in charge of A9 facts for now on.I will try my best to bring you new facts each week.I want to start posting new facts starting monday,but I will also try to post a few things today as a test run.I will try my best and I am open to new ideas and suggestions.take care :)

ps:I want to give a really huge thank you to the previous owner of a9 facts.

Anonymous sent: It's a shame you want to delete this blog :/ I would ask permission to take it over, but I can never find facts or interviews or anything...

I think I found someone to take it over.

If no one wants to take this blog, I am just going to delete it.

I have no more facts for now.

If you have any links to more facts, link below in the comments. ^ ^

So, any links?