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Alice Nine facts.
Plain and simple.

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Mon. - Shou
Tue. - Hiroto
We. - Tora
Thu. - Saga
Fri. - Nao
For today’s extra we have astronaut tora.I think tora would make a super cute astronaut,well I hope you like
kankerikun sent: Just wanted to drop by and say that I really like your blog and the new fact format!! (*゚▽゚*)

Thankyou so much!!!To tell the truth I was very worried that I wouldn’t be able to do a good job,but this message makes me very happy :) .

Here’s my attempt at purikura,its kinda cute

So for today’s extra I’m going to upload a hiroto picture that I edited with lots of cute things

Anonymous sent: I think it'd be good if you can find pics of members that fit the facts. They don't always have to be funny pics necessarily (guess it would depend on the fact). Anyway, thanks for continuing this!

Yeah that sounds like a good idea ill try to look around for some.Thankyou I’m happy you all like what I’m doing!!!

So do you all remember when I said that I wanted to post something extra with the facts?I think what I want to do is post funny pictures of alice nine I made with apps on my iPod.Do you guys think that sounds like a good idea?Im gonna post some old ones that I already posted on my personal blog already.!!!!

just posted my first fact.Now  I know you guys are wondering why is she using photos behind the facts,and the truth is that I thought it would make the facts more interesting.Well I hope you guys like it and theres more where that came from.